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Rail trail Questions


Tell Us what You Think..

Had you heard of any rail-to-trail projects prior to this questionnaire?

Had you heard of the Chester Creek Branch Rail-Trail Project prior to this questionnaire?

If yes: How did you know about it???

How long have you known about it?

Have you ever used a multiple use trail, such as a rail-trail?

Approximately how often have you used a multiple use trail?

1 time 2-5 times 6-15 times more than 15

Was the use within the Philadelphia metropolitan area?

f this trail was built, do you think you would use it? Yes or No

Commuting Bicycling Walking Running Horseback riding Cross country skiing Other (Please specify)

How often do you think you would use it?

             More than once a week once a week once a month more than once a month

    What issues do you want the ChesterCreek Trail Association to consider as they evaluate the feasibility of the multiple use trail?

        More answers

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Background : The Chester Creek Rail trail is conducting a feasibility study of converting the former Chester Creek Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad to a multiple use Rail-Trail. This 6.7 mile trail traverses parts of Middletown, Aston, and Chester Townships, connecting the inactive SEPTA R3 Wawa train station in Chester Heights with the historic Caleb Pusey Plantation in Upland. It would generally parallel Chester Creek. 

The goal of the trail is to preserve green space along the Chester Creek, while allowing easy access to it. It is intended to provide a viable alternative to auto commuting and also provide for recreational uses such as bicycling, walking, running, horseback riding and cross country skiing. Public input into the project is essential for the evaluation and design of an effective trail. Please answer the questions on the other side and return this questionnaire to the address below. Please feel free to add additional comments,

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